DESCRIPTION OF FALCONRY: The taking of wild quarry with a trained bird of prey.



A)Position Towards:



1.Education: We respect the right of individual members to educate the public on birds of prey, however it is not a function of the club.



2.Fund-raising: Shall be limited to the purpose of sustaining organizational operations.



3.Membership Growth: The growth of the membership shall be governed by the existing members based on meeting the criteria set forth.



B)Dues / Membership:



There will be no annual dues for the GGHC. Membership will be classified into two distinct groups.



1.General Membership: Shall be held by master and general class falconers that are successfully taking quarry with a trained bird of prey. General members are voting members.



2.Associate Membership: Are any members not meeting general membership criteria. Associate members are non-voting members.



C)Application for membership:



Candidates must be sponsored by a general member and be a person of good character. Candidates must receive 80% of the vote from general members attending the meeting. Candidates for associate membership must receive 50% of the vote from the general members attending the meeting.



D)Officers / Board Members:



There will be four posts elected by club members and subject to re-election annually. Those positions being, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.






There will be minimum of two meetings per year.



F)Annual Field Meet:



The annual field meet will be held each year. The location and date will be determined by the general membership based on a majority vote.